Must Have Premium Magento Extensions

Magento is a great ecommerce solution, but out of the box it offers a rather bland shopping experience. Here is a list of a few of the best premium Magento extensions for building a successful, feature rich and professional looking ecommerce website.
1. One Step Checkout
Fast and easy to use checkouts are a must-have today. Shoppers are accustomed to smooth and convenient shopping experiences thanks to Amazon’s one-click system and similar offering by other popular online stores. The One-Step Checkout extension, which costs just $85, allows you to add similar features to your website.
2. Media Gallery and Product Videos
The premium Media Gallery Extension for Magento allows you to add product showcase videos, galleries and other media to your product pages. You can add multiple videos to one product, allowing you to show testimonials, unboxing videos, advertisements and tutorials if you wish. This extension costs $85, but makes your website look incredibly professional.
3. Advance FAQ Management
Advance FAQ Management is a MAgento extension produced by FME. This extension allows you to add to and edit FAQs, and allows your users to search those FAQs for answers to their questions. The extension costs $59, and is far more feature-rich and flexible than most equivalent free offerings.
4. Enquiries Management
The Enquiries Management extension allows your customers to send messages to you enquiring about specific products. You can then respond to those queries. This extension is useful if you sell bespoke products, clothing, or expensive items that users may want to learn more about before purchasing.
There are thousands of other Magento extensions available, including ones for SEO, Media, testimonials and even niche specific extensions for selling products by size, area or weight. You can make Magento do almost anything you could possibly imagine.

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