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How the Humble T-Shirt Printer Can Be Used for Bigger Goals

Researchers in Singapore have developed a new and innovative method for printing complex, flexible electronic circuits using nothing more than a standard t-shirt printer.
The researchers are able to print transistors, resistors, capacitors and other components in layers onto aluminum foil, paper, plastic and other day-to-day materials. They believe this will open the way for more affordable and accessible online design software for smart custom products, such as bandages that alert you when it is time for them to be replaced, patches to monitor your heart rate, or food packaging that warns the user when the food has expired, or just custom products online designing.
Associate Professor Joseph Chang, who works at the School of Electrical and electronic Engineering at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, explained that they were not aiming to compete with high-end electronics companies, or make anything like the processors which are used in tablet PCs and smartphones. Rather, they want to allow people to add useful electronic features to their existing products. They want to offer cheap, disposable electronics to the mass market.

Responsible Disposable Electronics Online design

Software for on;line design and printing. Printable circuits.

Software for on;line design and printing. Printable circuits.

We live in a throwaway society, and disposable electronics will inevitably take off. However, knowing that there are risks associated with making disposable items of this type, the researchers have focused on making the printer use non-toxic materials, including silver nano-particles and carbon. Their goal is to ensure that the products are non-corrosive and that they will not harm the environment if they end up in landfill.
The printer allows for on-demand printing of small or large designs in batches of any size. It uses print technology that has been commercially available for decades, and it can scale to suit the size of the business and the demand for the product.
To date, the most complex item that the company has printed using the technology is a 4-bit digital/analogue converter. This component is used to convert signals into sound to send to headphones and speakers. They are exploring more detailed options. The university has four people – two engineers, one chemist and a material scientist, working on the product. They hope to improve it so that it can be reliably used for biomedical devices that require both digital and analogue printed circuits.

How T-Shirt Designs Can Make You Rich

There are a huge number of ‘work at home’ job opportunities out there, but few are really viable for earning a long-term living. Online product designer tool is lust one of them. Imagine, however, if you were able to make money using your sense of humour, creativity, and passionate knowledge of a given niche.
That’s exactly what services like Teespring, the custom t-shirt design company, allow people to do. Teespring has been trading for three years, and over that time it has turned clever and creative slogans and variations on a theme (or meme) into popular, niche fashion statements that have been highly profitable for the people who came up with them.

custom t-shirts design

Online product designer tool for custom t-shirts design

There are many online designers tools to use for custom t-shirt design as well as approaches to product design to make custom designed products online. . For example, one Teespring designer, Benny Hsu, earned more than $120,000 over the last year through designing niche custom t-shirts. Another designer, Kimberly Springer, earned $238,000 by designing t-shirts aimed at Christian women. The secret, she believes, is to think of the things that people are proud of and want to be recognized for, and market products based on those issues.
In 2014 alone, Teespring printed more than seven million shirts. The company has more than 300 full-time employees who manage the site, and there are a huge number of independent designers. While the vast majority are smaller traders who simply make a design here and there for their friends, there are hundreds who have made $100,000 or more, and the site has helped to make 20 people millionaires.
Teespring charges $9 for a basic design (more for complex designs printed on higher quality shirts) and designers get to set the retail price of their products, and then earn the difference on each sale. The company has found that about 60 percent of their sales are generated through social media advertising, and word of mouth is a massive driver of sales, with about 20 percent of buyers sharing a link to the products they buy on Facebook.
Because designers have a lot of freedom in terms of the products they can create, it’s easy for them to reach a massive audience. However, the site has seen an increase in the number of legal complaints about copyright material. Custom product designers will need to start paying attention to who owns the material they are working with, because more and more intellectual property owners are cracking down on illegitimate use of their work.

New Custom Skin Printing Software Tools for Webmasters

Almost everyone in the western world carries a smartphone with them, and it makes sense that they would want to protect that device and also keep it looking great. There are thousands of different skin designs or online product designers on the market, covering everything from colors and patterns to logos and characters, but the skin designers can’t cover every taste and interest.

Online Product Designer

Online Product Designer

Enter No-Refresh – a new software company that offers online skin design tools for webmasters and print-shop owners. These tools are very user-friendly, and make it possible for anyone, even beginner who is not experienced in graphic design, to produce great looking designs.

Multi-Format Support

The software is designed to work with most browsers and is desktop and mobile compatible. In terms of back-end support, it will produce designs in several formats including PDF and SVG, so that they can be used with most printing tools. End-users are given a wealth of guidance to ensure that their designs not only fit on the phone they are working with, but that they will look good too.

A Range of Custom Products

Custom Skin Printing Software Tools

Custom Skin Printing Software Tools

No-Refresh offers a huge range of different custom products, including greetings cards, phone cases, tablet skins and even laptop skins. What sets them apart from other product design companies, however, is that they are committed to usability for both the customer and the store owner.
Managing orders and configuring the design tools is an easy process, and this means that it takes the stress out of managing the store and order-fulfillment. The simple, guided product creation system ensures that end users enjoy an error-free, fun and creative customization experience, regardless of what device they are using or (within reason) how fast their connection is. The art gallery comes with a large selection of clip-art, and there is a good range of fonts to choose from as well, so users can enjoy a good range of choices, without having to worry that the image they have in their heads won’t look so great when it is printed onto the device they choose.
There are dozens of online printing apps to choose from. This is a relatively new entry, but it looks very promising, and is well worth exploring if you want to expand your product offerings.