Top Resources for Magento Extension Development

Magento Extensions are add-ons for Magento that extend or change its basic functionality. There are thousands of extensions already available for Magento, and almost every simple use-case has already been covered. However, if your ecommerce needs are more specialized then you may need to write your own custom Magento plugin. Here are a few resources that will help you get started on the road to Magento Extension development.

Magento’s Official Extension Pages
The official Magento website is a treasure-trove of information relating to extension development. The site offers advice for how to build-in compatibility for Magento connect if you wish to share your extension with other users, and how to optimize your extensions for best performance. It also offers a range of tools to make creating and sharing extensions easier. Development Page
If you’re an experienced developer then the articles offered by should be very useful to you. The blog has not been updated for quite a while, but much of the information offered is still valid and useful to new Magento developers.

Alan Storm’s Blog
Alan Storm is a professional web developer who has a lot of experience working with Magento, Druopal, Python, WebOS and AppleScrip. His series of articles on Magento development includes a useful explanation of Magento’s configuration, the request system, the Magento API, and more. He even offers solutions for common bugs and browser compatibility issues.

Magento Page Request Flow
This large flowchart shows the page request flow that takes place every time visitors view one of the pages on your Magento website. This request flow is broken in to View and Model sections. It is important that you understand what happens at each point in the workflow before you attempt to build an extension.

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