Why Using Cheap Web Developers is a Bad Idea

Web development and design is an often under-valued industry. Almost every web developer has had at least one prospective client respond to a quote with “How much?! My nephew is good with web stuff, he said he could do it for $50!”. To those clients, a web page is just a bunch of pixels on a screen – they have no idea what goes into creating a professional looking website.

Freelancing is Not Free

When you’re hiring a professional designer, you’re paying for far more than just a WordPress or OS eCommerce installation. The designer arranges your@
• Hosting
• Email marketing
• Stock photography
• Fonts
• Design
• Plugins
• Modifications
• Support and training
All of those things take time and money.

The Professional Touch

The mythical nephew might be able to choose a cheap host for you, install a CMS and change the theme – but are you sure what you’re getting is unique and legal? Amateur web designers may download “nulled” themes (premium themes which have been cracked so that they can be used, illegally, without paying the designer), and then customize those themes with images they found in Google Image Search. The site might look nice – but you could find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit if the owner of the theme or the images finds out that you’re using them illegally.

You Get What You Pay For

If you are looking for someone to redesign your website, don’t make that choice based purely on price. Spend some time getting to know a few different designers, and look for one that understands what you are looking for and is willing to work with you to create the perfect page. Make sure that they will give you after-sales support, updates for your CMS, and training so that you can add new content yourself.
It will cost you more than $50 for a professional website – but it will be worth every cent.

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